Sex, Spies, Gadgets, and Secrets - GadChick

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  • Publisher : GadChick (December 20, 2012)
  • Publication date : December 20, 2012
  • Language : English
  • Print length : 77 pages
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Featured in this book are bios of many of these influential women, including SIGINT superstar Moody and highflying Elizabeth Swantek, a parachutist and Russian scholar who trained American spies to get airdropped behind the Iron Curtain. We’ve also profiled Hall and many other female notables from WWII as well as women from more recent decades. And, because there are two sides to every coin, we’re also including some women who weren’t so pro-Uncle Sam, like the headline-grabbing Ethel Rosenberg and the side-swapping Elizabeth Bentley, a Vassar College graduate who looked like an all-American girl, but was spying for the Soviets

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